Escape Your Troubles at the Tabby House on Folly Beach in South Carolina

Folly Beach , South Carolina beach front family vacation rental

Work and your everyday life can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes all you need is some time to relax and reset with your friends and family. Escape your troubles at one of The best places to rent on folly beach, South Carolina- The Tabby House! The tabby house is a beautiful country-style home that includes many amenities to relieve your stress and troubles. Do you enjoy boats, luxury living, lakes, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and nice views? Then you are in for a great stay in one of the best Folly Beach SC rentals.

Multiple activities 

Folly Beach SC weather is perfect for many activities. If you love to golf, the Oak Point golf course, the Ocean Course, the Cougar Point course, and lastly, the Charleston City golf course and academy. Another spot to see is the Morris Island lighthouse! 

Stay on the lake 

Relax By the Lake at the Tabby HouseIt can be hard to find places to rent on Folly Beach South Carolina. Conveniently, the Tabby House rental has a beautiful lake right next to the Tabby House. You can wake up, kick off your sandals put on some sunglasses, and enjoy the sun by the lake with a cup of coffee. Dive in for a nice swim with the family. On the lake, there is a private boat ramp. There you can take a nice boat ride in the water or stroll alone or with a friend on the docks. There are even canoes and kayaks, which make a perfect add-on to your adventure! Bring a fishing pole too, and catch a few fish for fun.

Feel luxurious during your stay 

The Tabby House has many bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate your friends and family. You can enjoy the unlimited free internet, cable/satellite, air conditioning, comfy beds that give you wonderful sleep, five full baths, a washer and dryer, and a very large kitchen that includes six-burner gas cooktop. 

You can enjoy the deep water view on the back porch in one of the comfy chairs, or you can stay in one of the communal living areas and comfortably watch the game! The huge six-burner gas cooktop also has the luxury of cooking an entire meal quickly for your family during your stay. All these amenities could easily feel like your home away from home. 

Amazing Weather

Does the weather have you down? The Folly Beach South Carolina weather is perfect this time of year! Escape the dreary weather and jump into the sunshine. Instead of cooking inside, you can use a grill and enjoy the cool breeze while you grill up some dinner! Or you can visit nearby popular restaurants such as,  BLU Beach Bar & Grill, Snapper Jacks, and Alfredo’s on Folly Beach! While the weather is beautiful, you can even travel and visit many places nearby. 

If you enjoy nature, you can visit the Pelican Rookery in Folly Beach County park! 

Adventure awaits 

Along with the lake near the folly Beach rental, the beach is a ten-minute walk away. There you can enjoy many activities! These include surfing, swimming, sailing, paddleboarding, and more! The Tabby House has so many things you and your family can enjoy for the perfect family vacation! All of these include the gorgeous views from most points of the home, the luxurious living style the home has to offer, the water, the folly beach South Carolina weather, many adventures, and even the attractions. Our Folly Beach rental is the perfect getaway vacation to relax and escape your troubles!