Make The Tabby House on Folly Beach, South Carolina your Vacation Destination

Nestled on the shores of the charming Folly Beach in South Carolina, The Tabby House beckons you to experience the epitome of coastal luxury and relaxation. Where you can wake up to the sound of gentle waves, the salty sea breeze, and the promise of a sun-soaked day. This dream can become a reality when you choose The Tabby House for your next vacation escape.

We redefine the concept of Folly Beach rentals. Our commitment to providing an exceptional vacation experience is reflected in every aspect of our beautiful vacation homes. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or a gathering with friends, our diverse range of Folly Beach SC rentals ensures that you find the perfect home away from home.

Step into a world where coastal charm meets modern luxury. Our lavish homes are meticulously designed, offering spacious interiors adorned with stylish decor and breathtaking views. The Tabby House exudes an ambiance that effortlessly combines comfort and sophistication.

Seeking tranquility? Our private retreats on Folly Beach are the answer. Enjoy your own slice of paradise with exclusive access to the beach, ensuring moments of serenity as you soak in the sun or take leisurely strolls along the pristine shoreline. Our family-friendly homes cater to the needs of all generations. From fully-equipped kitchens for home-cooked meals to spacious living areas where memories are made, we ensure your family getaway is nothing short of magical.

Folly Beach is a Year-Round Haven

One of the many perks of choosing Folly Beach as your vacation destination is the delightful weather that graces this coastal haven throughout the year. The Folly Beach SC weather offers the perfect backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities, from sunbathing and surfing to exploring the charming town and its vibrant local events.

As the sun bathes Folly Beach in its golden glow, you can indulge in water sports, take a dip in the ocean, or simply unwind with a good book on the sandy shores. The temperate climate makes every season an ideal time to visit, ensuring that your stay at The Tabby House is accompanied by pleasant weather and unforgettable moments.

While there are several places to rent on Folly Beach South Carolina, The Tabby House stands out as a beacon of hospitality and luxury. Our commitment to providing an exceptional vacation experience extends beyond the walls of our rentals. We invite you to explore the unique charm of Folly Beach and its surrounding areas, making The Tabby House your launchpad for unforgettable adventures.

Things to Do: Folly Beach Edition

Enjoy the Folly Beach PierDiscover the vibrant local culture and explore the eclectic shops, restaurants, and galleries that dot Folly Beach. From the iconic Folly Beach Pier to the lively events in Charleston, there’s always something exciting happening just a stone’s throw away.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds Folly Beach. Embark on kayaking adventures, birdwatching excursions, or simply take a leisurely stroll through the nearby nature reserves. The Tabby House provides the perfect starting point for your exploration of the diverse ecosystems in and around Folly Beach.

Just a short drive away from Folly Beach, Charleston beckons with its historic charm and Southern hospitality. Explore the cobblestone streets of the historic district, indulge in culinary delights, and experience the rich cultural tapestry that makes Charleston a must-visit destination.

Booking Your Tabby House Retreat

Ready to turn your Folly Beach dreams into reality? Booking your stay at The Tabby House is a seamless process. Visit our website at to explore our estates, each accompanied by detailed descriptions and photos to help you make the perfect choice for your vacation.

With luxurious rentals, a prime location, and a promise of unforgettable experiences, your coastal retreat awaits. Book your stay today and let The Tabby House be the backdrop to your perfect Folly Beach getaway.