Spend December in the Sun and Sand on Folly Beach, South Carolina

Play in the sand at Folly Beach South Carolina

After the fun of Thanksgiving has worn off, the reality starts to set in: it’s finally winter. It’s cold and windy, and we’re waiting for the inevitable snow to fall. Suddenly we’re jealous of the people who live in the sunny states all year round. However, you don’t have to stay in the dreary cold all winter. Spend December on the warm beach in a Folly Beach rental

The Tabby House is the perfect beach location for your next vacation. It’s got everything you need to get out of the cold. What better place to enjoy the Folly Beach SC weather

If you’re not the type to hit the slopes…

If you’re not the type to hit the slopes and snowy mountains, hit the beach instead. At the Tabby House, you can enjoy beautiful sunny rooms overlooking the water. Folly Beach is just a short distance away from the property, but there’s still some beautiful scenery right outside the windows.  

Sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa may sound nice, but how often do you get to sit on the deck and stare at the gorgeous blue water? The Tabby House is a boater’s dream vacation location. It comes with an amazing deep-water dock and a private boat ramp. Catch some rays on your boat sitting serenely on the water in this Folly Beach, SC rental. The inside of the house is beautiful, but you don’t have to spend your whole vacation inside! Whether you take the boat out or take a trip to the beach, you’ll enjoy this sunny vacation. 

Folly Beach is a hidden gem that everyone should experience. The Tabby House is in the perfect location for beach and boat lovers. The property is incredibly scenic, and it’s extremely comfortable. There’s enough space between the neighbors to have your privacy, but still close enough to socialize with the other people who are also vacationing on Folly Beach. 

Luxury and Beach Weather!

Not only is the Tabby House one of the best places to rent on Folly Beach, South Carolina, because of the scenery, but it’s also just as beautiful on the inside. With six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a den with a minibar, there’s plenty of space to host the whole family, have a honeymoon, or even a couple’s retreat. Whatever you do, you’ll be doing it in luxury. 

vacation homes on South Carolina beachesThe six bedrooms are beautiful and spacious, with the perfect amount of natural lighting. The coziness of the Tabby House is something you can’t get while staying at a hotel. The kitchen and dining room have everything you need to enjoy a marvelous dinner and some time to catch up with the family. The living area and porch are perfect for putting your feet up and forgetting about the worries of the world. The Tabby House is a breath of fresh air. 

Enjoy the Winter WITHOUT the Snow!

With winter comes snow, shoveling your driveway, and scraping ice and snow off your car. That’s no fun! There are much cooler, sunny things you can be doing. Folly Beach is the best location to escape the chilly weather and enjoy the sun beaming down on you. There’s nothing better than grabbing a towel and sunglasses and lying on the beach for hours. Take a book or take a short nap- it’s up to you! The Tabby House has a beautiful porch that’s perfect for getting some shade and curling up with a good book. 

Step back from your daily life and take yourself to a place where you can always enjoy the sun, scenery, relaxation, sandy beaches, and much more. All of this awaits you at The Tabby House Folly Beach. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a stay and with any questions!